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What are your hopes and dreams? Do you believe you have a definite goal/purpose?
How do you accomplish what you haven't been able to in the past?
Let this be the year of Amazing You!
Certified Life Strategies Coach
Amazing You! from Ordinary
to EXTRAordinary!

We exist to elevate, encourage and provide an accountability partner for individuals as well as in a group environment. A lot of us see a therapist to work out our issues however, it's sometimes difficult to "walk it out." That is where Amazing You! comes in.

If you want to change things in your life or if you need someone to provide accountability, this is what we do. I will speak at your event or meet with you one on one, as your Life Coach, mentor and/or accountability partner!

Let Amazing You! coach you to success. We will customize a plan designed exclusively for you. I have worked with clients for the last 15 years in Christian Ministry and the last 12 years in community Mental Health. My expertise and passion is to encourage and speak into the lives of those that need a push in the right direction.

Amazing Clients!
What my clients say...
  • Working with Ann was a huge blessing. I was in a really rough spot for a couple years and working with her helped me find peace, safety and security. She helped me learn to feel comfortable within myself and make healthy choices. Our work together laid stepping stones to grow and become the person I am today. I would definitely recommend her!
    - X Perez
  • Ann truly has the gift of helping those she coaches take control of their life again in a positive and constructive manner. Working with Ann has been a rewarding experience and I am truly grateful for her and her process. Ann's compassion, expertise, experience and discernment has given me the tools I needed to successfully manage my life, to accomplish my dreams and to thrive in all that I do. I highly recommend Amazing You. Thanks Ann ....for everything!
    - K.Lewis
  • Ann Kendricks has an amazing gift from God to inspire, encourage, motivate, cultivate and change lives. I am honored to witness this gift first hand as I work with her daily in helping change the lives of the people around us. She is truly one of a kind and I am blessed to know her.
    - Marlon Saunders
  • Ann Kendricks is a woman who I have respect and love for. She has been there for me during some tough times and has taken time out of her busy schedule to help me. Ann is a true woman of God with a big loving heart. I am blessed to call her friend. Thank you!!!!
    -T. Barnes
  • I met Ann Kendricks over 3 years ago. What struck me first was her way of being exuberant, focused and positive. I found myself looking forward to every time we would meet. As I became more involved in the Valencia Christian Center, I learned of the important role she held in keeping our church running. We had an amazing opportunity to spend some time together in Washington DC and it is there that we formed a relationship that I am so deeply blessed to have. Our relationship has taught me in so many ways. There is a rare honesty that one seldom sees today and this built a deep trust. With Ann’s incredible insight, one cannot help but see that she walks, talks and lives out her faith every day. If you are looking for a mentor who is grounded in wisdom and love, I couldn’t think of a better example. Ann is one of those rare people in life that truly has a heart for people.
    - Lisa W.
  • Ann’s words of encouragement have given me hope, direction and guidance. They have opened many avenues of revelation in my life. Every time I leave her presence, I know that everything will be okay.
    - T. Frazier
  • Ann Kendricks has been a blessing in my life. She has helped me transition from and into major life changing experiences. Due to Ann’s spiritual influence in my life, I truly feel I have become a better person, colleague and peer toward my fellow comrades. Her mentorship and influential leadership qualities has inspired me to develop my leadership skills, in hopes to eventually become a mentor myself. I am blessed, grateful and appreciative to have Ann in my life.
    - S.Austin
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